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Gifts for Your Dad

November 26, 2013

By: Maxim Staff

You could get Dad a new club, but let’s be real, he’s just going to throw it into a lake or break it over his knee like all the others. This year, give your dad the gift of a better swing (and the absence of frustration that probably would have taken 10 years off his life). TaylorMade Performance Labs offer 17 facilities around the country where pros will strap you into a motion-capture suit and look at every aspect of your swing, letting you know which clubs would be the best for you.

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The Greatest Gift Of All: Club Fitting

By: James A. Frank

If you’re looking to give a present to a golfer—or wishing for one for yourself—here’s a suggestion: Give/get a club-fitting. It truly could be the gift that keeps on giving all golf season long.

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